Ona Kirei presents her US album debut featuring a diverse collection of original songs and arrangements. The title track 'Mirage' provides the framework for the concept of the album. With songs like  'Alchemy', 'Fata Morgana', and 'The Peacocks', the music speaks to the personal search for truth, and the desire to move forward to a place of healing and love. In songs like 'Letras A mi Nombre', Kirei expresses optimism towards the personal transformation that comes with life changes. 

Stylistically, 'Mirage' pushes the boundaries of Jazz. Kirei infuses her Spanish/Catalan roots with a multitude of cultural influences she acquired in her travels around the world to create her unique sound. 



Vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Ona Kirei has an exceptional ability to move the listener's soul with her expressiveness and virtuosity. Her music pushes stylistic boundaries that showcase remarkable compositional and arranging skills while displaying a profound emotional connection that makes it readily accessible to any audience. Her life experience, cultural influences, determination, and deepness, are reflected in her unique voice. 

Kirei was born in Barcelona, but she's quite literally a citizen of the world having lived in Spain, India, United Kingdom, and Austria, among other places. She has performed to critical acclaim in venues and festivals across Europe and the United States, winning several national and international awards along the way.

The official release will take place at The Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg, FL on July 9th. She will be backed by the award-winning group La Lucha, outstanding trumpeter James Suggs, and the nationally acclaimed saxophone player Mike DiRubbo.

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Ona Kirei · Mirage

Catpig Records · Release Date: July 9, 2022


For more information on Ona Kirei, please visit: onakirei.com

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